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TPE CALIFORNIA!* WHALE                         357

.' snttlieni form of the genus, which is known as J lahtndii.
!'Mil, it 5'houM al-n> lie remarked, is studded with large
i."3"> dw;i Utt? pk'* <.f tin orange, which seem to lie hyper-
L'-'l n'jiiLivnts rf the hairs, which should be pret-ent in this
in of the body, A< is the C<L*O with other Whales, numerous
:& have been mT<;*.* ,iit of individuals of 3fff/^pter^. Captain
, who olvvrved man}' "gams" or herds of these Whales,
hail *";wrue dillierrltv in finding any tw<>
.It: * Tae Se*r.4:n^wn ?jo< ie<* in any case
l^^ti //. *.//?;'-"'\ '. wbn,L '" ' ?rs on our own coasts.
is *Lkf -'o i.ri?1'  'etaceai!;^ world-wide In range; and
i* ^ iwf.*/t,le t: at tlit1 'P^' --nee in tfie so'ip'jla. already referred to
mav justify fiic x-'-parati^r. ^' a southern J/. I'dvtuJii (with w!iieh
in that i^e, jterlw*^ J/ '*ijww*i$ and J /*^r^t' zelandine will be
^Tr/"'!!V!!ifj!i^ . Quit^ r fiitlj SI. Gervais has insisted upot? a
J/.v,",'.^.- ,? V ? '<' frorti ?,^ I'ersiaz* Gulf. Jfegaptem grow? to
a I*--" "vl r,i "){'; t<' 00 fetrt. Seventy-five feet have been staled,
I'Ut r,\^i?iiTe:iL^L>:f of Shales have usuall to be received with

, with but one species^ J?. glaueus? the "Cali-

foniian Grey Whale," is the last genus of the family Balaenop-
teridue. This Whale is but imperfectly known anatomically ; but
quite sufficient lias been ascertained to          its great divergence

from Balittiwptfffi or Meaaptera. The dorsal fin is completely
absent, and the throat pleats? so characteristic of the typical
Balaenoptfricke, are reduced to two. It has, however, the general
outline of a liorqual, with a relatively small head. In osfeeo-
logical characters it teials to unite ttie two families Balaenop-
teridae and Bulaenidae (if they are really necessary subdivisions).
The skull is 011 the whole Eorqual-like ; but its fore -part is
narrow as in the Greenland Whale, and the premaxillaries are
pinched up in the middle line so as to be visible from the side ;
this again is a Balaenid character. The cervical vertebrae are
free as in Eorquals, and the sternum is quite as in that group.
The scapula has more the shape of that of Ikdmna.

MkaeMametes tflautus is confined to the Pacific, and has been
extensively hunted from the shore. It is not, however, a very
valuable Whale, since the baleen is short as in Eorquals, and the

1 Marine JUkminak tfik* Wmih- Wast Cm^ ef N&fA Amenmt 1874.
* Cf.